Videos and Tutorials

E3mini Board

Getting Started with the E3mini Development Board

Getting Started Step-by-step video on compiler software installation through downloading a program to the prototyping board.

Troubleshooting Problems with the E3mini Development Board

Troubleshooting Problems
If the board is not working, watch this video on troubleshooting problems.

Note: If you have received a 'Timeout' error, click here to find out how to resolve the issue.

Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Machine Watch how this Rube Goldberg machine used E3mini boards and various sensors in a chain of reactions that ultimately ended with a gumball rolling out of the Gumball machine.


Preventing Electrostatic Discharge

Learn about the procedures for preventing damage to electronic components caused by electrostatic discharge.


Lab Stir Stick Sensor

Lab Stir Stick Sensor See a PCB stick in a chemistry beaker read the temperature and light. The EZApp library is used to display those results on a tablet!

Soccer Robots

Soccer Robots Two robot cars face off against each other on the soccer field. Players use the EZ App Lynx app to control the robot cars from their iPads. The robot cars are made out of sensors and a prototyping board.

Robot Arm

Robot Arm The robot arm is programmed to complete the Tower of Hanoi or can be in manual mode to be controlled from the tablet. The four colored blocks have pegs for the robot arm to grab and easily move the block. The tablet uses EZ App Lynx for displaying the robot arm controls.

Plinko Game

Plinko Game Drop a puck into the Plinko game and watch the line drawn on a tablet screen via Bluetooth®!

C Compiler

C Compiler Quick Start Video Tutorial

C Compiler Quick Start Go from a blank sheet of paper to a blinking LED in less than 5 minutes!

Getting Started with EZ App Lynx Video Tutorial

Getting Started Use the EZApp library to quickly create a wireless sensor or controller on a PIC® MCU that may be viewed and displayed on a mobile device using Bluetooth® included in CCS IDE Compilers.

CCS Touchscreen Interface Designer Video Tutorial

CCS Touchscreen Interface Designer This video is an introduction to the CCS C Compiler's feature, Interface Designer, which can be used to build user interfaces for touchscreen devices.

Using CCS C Compiler in MPLAB® X Video Tutorial

Using CCS C Compiler in MPLAB X In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the CCS C compiler within MPLAB® X!


Using the CCSLOAD Software with the ICD-U64 Video Tutorial

Using the CCSLOAD Software In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the CCSLOAD software with the ICD-U64 to program hex files to one or more PIC development boards!

Prime8 Production Programmer Video Tutorial

Prime8 Production Programmer This video details the three main features of the CCS Prime8 Production Programmer, PC programming, Standalone Mode and Programming from a USB Drive. Streamline your manufacturing process with the Prime8!

Mobile In-Circuit Programming Video Tutorial

Mobile In-Circuit Programming Update your stand-alone products in the field without the need of a PC!

Programmer Diagnostics Video Tutorial Series

Unable to Detect USB Connected Programmer
Unable to Detect Serial Connected Programmer
Unable to Detect Target
Learn from CCS development engineers how to quickly resolve programming issues!

Unable to Detect USB Connected Programmer

Data Streaming Video Tutorial

Data Streaming Eliminate a diagnostic serial port and save money by streaming data through the ICSP interface instead!