Book Errata

Technical Errors:

Chapter 3, Page 38, Exercise 3-1, Step 1 Box - fourth line:
The "for(;;;)" should read: "for(;;)" - Only two semicolons, not three.

Page 81 - while loop:
"output_high (PIN_B2) //LED OFF" should read: "output_low (PIN_B2) //LED OFF"

Page 83, Figure 6.9 - continue statement illustration:
The updated image is below.

Page 158 - sixth line from bottom:
"sdtio.h" should read: "stdio.h"

Page 210 - line 7:
'q' should be '9'. This does not affect the answer.

Page 273 - third line:
"Post-scalers can be used to..." should read: "Pre-scalers can be used to..."

Page 292 - second line:
"internal click" should read: "internal clock"

Page 311:
"output_low(TS_DI)" should read: "output_low(TS_SI)"

Formatting Issues and Clarifications:

Table 5-3 should be left justified.

Page 210 - second line:
Both double quotes should look the same.

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