Other Books

Master and Command C for PIC MCU

Master and Command C for PIC® MCU by Fred Eady

Master and Command C for PIC® MCU gives readers the opportunity to look over Fred's shoulder as he explores some of the CCS compiler's more advanced built-in functions. Beginners to advanced CCS compiler-users alike will likely learn several new tips and tricks to improve their coding style.

C What Happens

C What Happens by David Benson

C What Happens is a series of explanations and examples for those who want to learn to program PIC® microcontrollers using the C programming language. It is assumed that the reader has no knowledge of PIC® microcontrollers or programming, but does have a rudimentary understanding of electronics.

PICmicro MCU C

PICmicro® MCU C - An introduction to programming the Microchip PIC® in CCS C by Nigel Gardner

This book is aimed towards those who do not know C. The basics of C are explained from the perspective of writing programs for the PIC® microcontrollers. Although there are many C starter books in the bookstores, most assume a PC target. PIC® microcontroller programming is different even though the language is the same. This book includes examples that work with the CCS C compiler.

The C Programming Language

The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kerninghan and Dennis M. Ritchie

Dennis Richie is the original creator of C and this is the book that introduced C to the world. The CCS C compiler used the first edition of this book as the reference for the design of the compiler. This is a short but sweet look at C with all the details of the language simply explained. Note that the second edition of this book covers enhancements to the language made by an ANSI standards group. Not all ANSI enhancements are included in the CCS C compiler since some are geared toward larger computers with different resources. For example most PIC® MCUs do not have a hard disk connected and a file system. This is a great reference book for all C programmers.

Easy Microcontrol'n

Easy Microcontrol'n by David Benson

This is a very popular book that covers the information in the Microchip datasheets in an easy-to-read format for the beginner. This may be a good book for those who have not used microcontrollers before.

Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++

Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ by Michael Barr

This is a more advanced book not specific to the PIC® MCU or the CCS C compiler. It does have some good general principles for embedded programming.

The Standard C Library

The Standard C Library by P. J. Plauger

This book defines all the standard C functions in good detail. Many of these functions do not apply to C on a PIC® MCU, but for those that do this is the reference. In general most users should not need this book as the compiler reference manual and the C programming language book cover the essentials.